5 Months
12 December, 2000
25 December, 2000

Nothing in my life is ever dull or normal. I got left among the other packages under the Christmas tree by a reindeer named Emmy. At least that's the way I think it was.

23 December, 2000
23 December, 2000

Papa kept pointing a camera at me, and I decided I liked it. With lots more practice, I can be a professional model.

8 Months
04 April, 2001
04 April, 2001

Mommy has this thing about posing me in front of tulips. It is much easier to hide out in the yard with my camouflage on, though, especially if Mommy would have ditched the white socks and painted my face a little .

15 Months
28 October, 2001
28 October, 2001

My Papa says its never too early to start with computers. Unfortunately, the chair for the computer gets a little tiring after a while.

17 Months
25 December, 2001
25 December, 2001

I first took up horse riding this Christmas when I found a horse under the tree. No one told how tiring riding that could be, and I had to take lots of rest breaks at first.

28 December, 2001
28 December, 2001

I got busted sneaking into the refrigerator, by a stupid reindeer dog, no less. My sentence was having to help Mommy with the dishes.

2 Years 2 Months
20 September, 2002
02 October, 2002

Here are a few of my favorite things: my purse, cat, puppets and one of the dresses that Papa got me in Mexico. Daddy has one of his favorite things, but he says the really big ones got away.

2 1/2 Years
06 January, 2003

Back under the Christmas tree disguised as a present, trying to catch Santa Claus. Perhaps I was too late and missed him.

06 January, 2003
20 February, 2003

Mommy and Daddy both really like dogs. I figured that if I built kennels and got inside, they might feed me some really tasty desserts.

08 January, 2003
13 February, 2003

Trips to the photographer are always fun, and I get a chance to practice modeling.

3 Years
12 July, 2003

Birthday parties are fun, especially when they are mine. This time I got some wonderful presents, like this umbrella in my favorite color purple.

12 July, 2003
12 July, 2003

I heard driving lessons might help, but when the instructor kept backing into things like tables, I decided to that I might do better in open areas. Next lessons will be about learning to steer so the instructor won't be so scared.

3 1/2 Years
25 December, 2003
25 December, 2003

Modeling is really fun when one dresses up in great clothes. I have a whole chest of slinky dresses for almost any occasion.

3 Years 9 Months
09 April, 2004
09 April, 2004
09 April, 2004

Here we are back in the tulip fields again, which seems to be an annual event, from what I can tell. We forgot to bring the dog, so I filled in with Grandma for a while.

11 April, 2004

I'm giving my sister Mikaela piano lessons at Papa's apartment. As a model, I can still fit into the dress Papa got me in Mexico, although I had to let my sister wear one of them.



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