3 Months
08 January, 2003

I was all set to get my picture taken — professionally, no less — but I got dumped on the floor instead. They finally pointed a camera at me when I tried a quick escape.

4 Months
13 February, 2003

This time I finally got to do some decent poses for the photographer, and my modeling career is finally properly launched. I even got a new dress out of the deal.

6 Months
09 April, 2003

I finally talked Mommy into letting me eat a bowl of carrots, and what did she do? She threw it at me, and then took a picture while she had me strapped down. She probably thought it was cute to embarrass me like that.

9 Months
11 July, 2003
11 July, 2003

Papa got me this rattle from Mexico, but neglected to tell me that it was not an oboe, stifling the start of my musical career.

My sister got these great garden tools for her birthday, and then told me that I had to do all the garden work for her. Having to work might cut into my play time, though.

12 July, 2003

I finally get some real food to eat at Papa's apartment. Mommy will never cook delicious lizards for me at home.

14 Months
25 December, 2003
25 December, 2003

There were all these really interesting packages to open at Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I found these huge clothes inside one of mine. Mommy took them away from me to wear for herself.

25 December, 2003
25 December, 2003

Finally some real transportation for me. Now if only someone would teach me to drive — excepting my sister, of course — she gives a whole new meaning to female driver.

02 January, 2004

If someone stuffed you inside hideous looking clothes like these and then threw you out into the cold snow, you would be grumpy, too. Thanks, Mom.

18 Months
09 April, 2004
09 April, 2004
09 April, 2004

There are some days when you just want to sit around and enjoy a nice cup of tea. However, parents sometimes have other ideas and drag you off somewhere, often against your will. In this case, tulip fields weren't quite as bad as I expected.

11 April, 2004
11 April, 2004

Point a camera at me, and I just can't help letting the ham in me out. However, like when there is Papa's chocolate mousse involved, I sometimes forget to look at the camera. It certainly beats the dull food Mommy shoves at me at home.

11 April, 2004
11 April, 2004

Playing the piano is one of the joys in life. I don't play much at home, though, because there is no bench, and I have to stand up to play, not to mention that the piano is dreadfully out of tune. Pointing a camera at me while I am playing really adds to the pleasure.


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